Ecopoetics Along Shorelines


5/16 TRACKING OPENING QUESTION: Breeching Sovereignty 

June 1, 2018

How can we trace sovereignty through this book (Messages from Franks Landing)?

  • From an imperialist legal/governmental perspective
    • Treaty history
      • refusing to address treaties in Salish: immediate disrespect and reduction of complexity.
      • Using treaties as tools to prevent the costs of war
      • Manifest Destiny
    • Timber harvests, clogging of gravel so salmon don’t have an ecologically sound place to lay eggs
    • Decisions made within the framework of U.S laws were inherently not for Native sovereignty
  • From a Native response perspective
    • Resistance
    • Evolution of communication: choosing of words
      • “Usual and accustomed ground” p. 12
    • expectation of Native assimilation was pushed back upon because of the high regard in which Natives held sovereignty of culture.
    • Response by native people to study indigenous law and become lawyers.
      • Building of hatchery to offset the impact of the dam
      • Moment of the tribe taking something back as an exercise of sovereignty


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