Ecopoetics Along Shorelines


May 30, 2018

Pressure is a physical and mental force. Nature is a living, driving pressure that shapes many individuals “I” part of its larger collective whole. How one individual reacts will directly (or eventually indirectly) affect the other(s) within their respective roles. The present “I” is a result of the past “I” and an influencer of the future “I” bringing out an individual’s growth, becoming the best version of itself it can be. An individual’s evolution constitutes to its adaptive potential and ability to react to change, supporting the idea of community resiliency throughout the book and the entirety of our class.




May 16, 2018

The use of police assaults introduced early in Frank’s Landing demonstrate the gross misuse of authority and power in the face of racial discrimination. This method of control was, and arguably still continues to be in our present day, routine and normalized to the point of desensitization for many people. The picture of Michael Hunt’s arrest among 62 others in a routine police assault, demonstrating resistance, is very relatable to present scenes of protests, activism, and tension (5). However, through these incidents, federal policies and programs to protect treaty rights come together and present opportunities of resilience for these communities.

May 9, 2018

Connections between surplus “aesthetic excess” (147) and the not-here-yet in relation to “a future time and place” (149) overlap in reference to Herko’s “insane outfits [and] performed at a very high level of faggy flamboyance that could only be understood as expressive exuberance” (150). His clothing aesthetics “represented a crossroads between postmodern dance and other emerging queer subcultures” that transcended beyond his current time and remembered for his “elaborate costumes, erratic and beautiful movement, and decidedly eccentric comportment” that we study in our modern era (150). The relationship of fashion to time and place is an iconic representation of identity.


May 1, 2018

In our current world, “giving-on-and-with” is an interesting process that initiates the critical question of how people not willing to understand others through language and culture move forward. Language is constantly evolving, each generation speaking to its own cultural identity differently than the one before. We’ve all heard the phrase “getting lost in translation,” and this is a huge crisis of language happening today. Loss of language equates to loss of identity, culture, and community. Without “giving-on-and-with,” we are unable to emphasize with this sense of loss others are feeling, creating gaps in a global community striving to move forward.

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