Ecopoetics Along Shorelines


May 29, 2018
Alex in Mexico

To put pressure on the ‘I’ is to put pressure on this recurring theme of selfishness. As I read Redstart, I’m given this sense of smoothness to the language but pressure registering as guilt for my nature, my selfishness. Short phrases, lots of commas, high density. Its appears strategically composed to put pressure into the mind, to scare up a sense of urgency. Page 49, short phrases no more than three words. Pressuring through description, ‘intensifies,’ ‘blazing,’ ‘blinding,’ ‘irreproducible.’ The author clearly had an intention with linguistic choice, put pressure through the action of reading, through the medium of structure.

May 22, 2018
Alex in Mexico

Figure three shows four charts depicting the consumption of Chinook salmon at various ages and which predators are eating them at those times. It’s clear that killer whales are the largest predator of Chinook by mass, eating only adults. This potentially means that killer whales are potentially the most efficient predator by number of salmon eaten, giving them time to grow and mature. Harbor seals however, lye on the opposite side of the spectrum, consuming around 27.4 million juvenile smote. If intervention needs to take place, it should be from the place of lowest efficiency, from the harbor seals.

May 15, 2018
Alex in Mexico

I found the most inspiring resistance effort by the Nisqually tribe to be the first resistance given by Lesche. To take up your own military from scratch and resist an entire country is incredible. His bravery seems to resonate throughout Messages from Frank’s Landing as an inspirational force of resolute determination. Even when the Nisqually didn’t have the numbers to fight back, they still found ways through continuous fishing despite game warden arrests or through fighting for the proper enforcement of treaty rights. Lesche’s legacy is that ongoing force to inspire the bravery that continues to fight for the Nisqually.

May 8, 2018
Alex in Mexico

It seems like Herko’s traces were left through his acquaintances. Being no small figure, his brilliant viewpoints and queer performances were the traces he left behind through those connections. Through Herko’s final act, he paints suicide in a queer movement light that from my understanding, changes the political meaning of suicide as an act. He was the embodiment of surplus, that “Uncontrollable and potentially disruptive integer”(147). This shows in Munoz’s reflections at the end of the chapter, reflecting on his experiences around suicide and the impacts Herko left on others. I’ve never considered suicide from the frame of utopia.

April 23, 2018
Alex in Mexico

One phrase rings true in solving the issues that face Gaia, systems theory. In Edmonson, we see the challenges of understanding a single lake and how hard it can be to fully understand one population of cyanobacteria. You have to look at their environment, its predators, the predator’s predators, and much more in the vast web of life. In Sze, we see the social complications and navigating the boundary between knowledge and power through politics. In Alaimo, wee see the big picture, the view of the geologic age known as the Anthropocene. Three different levels, each of their own importance.

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