Ecopoetics Along Shorelines


May 7, 2018

Muñoz’s walk to 5 Cornelia Street uncovers the traces of Herko’s queer, dancing, flamboyant, and twitchy finale performance that reanimates the not-yet-here nature of Herko’s death. Herko’s immortal traces line Muñoz’s thoughts and perceptions of a time and space. The not-yet-here is brought in as Muñoz enters the record store and reflects if Herko’s life would have been amplified or dampened if he lived at another time. A queer critique is left wondering when it is appropriate to leave behind immortal traces. Where else can queer critiques learn about other Herkos never jete’d traces into history because they were not-yet-here?

April 30, 2018

European centric methods of scientific discovery frequently rely on quantitative analysis of problems and not allowing room to explore “giving-on-and-with.” We see acceptance of what we can’t discover the bottom of nature and recognizing not everything is reducible in our own lives. Meditation is a form of acceptance that we do not live in a linear drive and consenting to the tumbling currents of our lives. When we surrender, we find new sources of knowledge without grasping for complete definitions and find unity with global populations. To practice “giving-on-and-with”, I want to get lost in other cultures eradicating my culture.

April 17, 2018

Frameworks, lines, boundaries, boxes, arrows inform sense-making. Sze et al. talk about who is and is not included in the drawn boundaries in the California Delta. Using Raichlen’s tangible, mathematical and easily visible boundaries were made to include appropriate regions. The plan left out Native Nations and immigrant populations and lacked an understanding about the interconnectedness of waterways. Considering Strayer, it appears the grain size was too coarse and too sharp, or the boundary forgot to consider fluxes of populations, animals, and the environment in a constantly changing river delta. Qualitatively sound waterways will adequately nuance data for project longevity.

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