Ecopoetics Along Shorelines


“City of the Changers” and “Fluid Dynamics”

March 29, 2018

What are the various senses of finish (or finished, as in over, dead, done for) in “Fluid Dynamics: Water, Power, and the Reengineering of Seattle’s Duwamish River”? Contrast the sense of time implied in these discourses of finality with the persistence and resurgence suggested in Thrush’s quoting of Terry Tafoya: “perhaps a thousand years from now, Indians will discover the decaying remains of the Space Needle.”

Song, Poetry, and Language—Expression and Perception

March 29, 2018

Simon Ortiz tells us, “The song as language is a way of touching” (9), and “the song was the road from outside of himself to inside—which is perception—and from inside of himself to outside—which is expression” (12). If you accept expression as a means of perception, what are the consequences for your own writing? for your own perceiving? for your reading of the perception-rich poems of Marianne Moore?

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