Ecopoetics Along Shorelines


Visits & Speakers

Amir Sheikh, The Waterlines Project

Waterlines Map (online – PDF)

Duwamish Meanders: A river ran through it – Some background on the art installation to ‘reveal’ an old bend in the Duwamish River

Djidjila’letch to Pioneer Square –  Animation of Pioneer Square area through time

20,000 Years in Puget Sound – Animation of geophyscial processes that shaped the region

Milepost 31 (Waterlines curated/produced theMoving Land‘ portion, but also other sections are worth checking out). The animations linked above were initially created for this space.



Kathleen Flenniken

Todd Woodard, Samish Indian Nation

Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

Larry Campbell and Jamie Donatuto, Swinomish Indigenous Health Indicators (IHI)

Writing practices annotated

Kim TallBear on 100s (our form for reading responses this quarter), writing as The Critical Polyamorist on erotic relations, sometimes between humans, and sometimes with nonhumans as well.

The field notebooks of Joseph Grinnell (and his patron and frequent field collaborator Annie Alexander) record with meticulous data the natural history of thousands of locations throughout the Pacific West in the early 20th century, and have inspired repeat ecological surveys, literary analyses, coffee table books, and calls for more natural history in ecology. Some choice readings to inform your field writing practice:

Grinnell on recording natural history in field notebooks

Cathryn Carson on the field journal as a literary text

Outside Projects

Global Water Dances

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